6 Timeless Loafer Trends That You’re About to See Everywhere This Year

6 Timeless Loafer Trends That You're About to See Everywhere This Year

I don’t know about you, but if there’s one shoe style you’re guaranteed to catch me wearing all year round, it’s the loafer. If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s the value of a comfortable, versatile flat shoe, and whether it’s a bare-legged and sunny spring or a chilly winter, a pair of loafers are the wise investment that your wardrobe needs. Sure, heels might look good, but unless you feel like a carrying a constant supply of plasters, they aren’t built for all-day wear, so a flat shoe that can be both dressy and casual will always rise to the occasion. 

Although we’re no longer confined to the lockdown that made the most of laidback dressing, we can still appreciate the benefits of an outfit that can be as cosy as it is chic, and everyone from influencers to A-listers are stepping out in easy loafers this season. But what are the latest styles to pop up on our radars for the year ahead I hear you ask? Fear not dear reader, I’ve done the research for you. 

One thing is clear, and it’s that 2023 is reverting back to the classic penny loafer–sleek, chic and understated (and with less of the bells and whistles of the 2022 take). Chunky soles are traded in for slimmer silhouettes, and tassels, studs and embellisment are shelved for luxe hardware. Good news then, for the original Gucci Horsebit Loafer that is enjoying a fashionable renaissance. It’s also the perfect moment for a well-timed new launch from Jimmy Choo, as the Diamond Tilda Loafer is brand new for the brand and already selling out in some sizes (more colourways too please, Jimmy Choo!) 

Choosing to invest in a luxury pair is wise considering the cost-per-wear, but there are also plenty of high-street highlights for every budget too, so in short, you’re spoiled for choice. Should you be looking for the perfect shoe to wear with jeans, a comfortable flat shoe to wear with everything, or the answer to “what should I wear to the office that will work for my evening plans too?”, keep scrolling. You’ll find 6 of the biggest loafer trends for 2023, and some chic loafer outfit inspiration to guide you through the season ahead too. Happy reading.

Style Notes: If someone asked you to think of the most popular loafer of recent times, chances are you’d imagine the Prada brushed leather loafer. After an obsession with this unassuming shoe spread like wildfire, 2023 brings a whole host of new logo loafers for us to equally enjoy. These are a shoe that signify that the wearer is “in the know”. 

The shoe that spawned 1000 copies. 

Honestly, there isn’t anything a Gucci monogram doesn’t work with. 

A little bit of extra sparkle for evening wear. 

“Quiet” luxury at it’s finest.

Style Notes: If you thought suede was the reserve of autumn, allow me to suggest the idea of “spring suede”. It might be sunny but it’s still relatively cold outside, and a minimalist loafer-meets-slipper is the easiest thing to pair with the leggings, skirts, dresses and jeans in our spring wardrobes. A light, wearable and easy shoe for work to weekend 

Understated excellence.

And they come in two colours too. 

A slightly chunkier tread for those who can’t say goodbye to thick soles. 

I just know Katie Holmes must own a pair of these.

Style Notes: The statement toe is having a moment. (Don’t believe me? Just google Maison Margiela’s Tabi Loafer, or Jil Sander’s elongated Metal Plaque loafer.) But, the most accessible way to stand out from the crowd is with a modern square toe. Graphic, bold, and sculptural, even the high-street has cottoned onto the square-toe’s ability to make any shoe at least 80% cooler, but we think it lends itself best to the humble loafer. 

A cult classic in the making. 

Okay, not technically a flat shoe, but a loafer too good to ignore. 

I can’t quite believe these don’t cost three times the price.

A bold print and a square toe? Sign us up.

Style Notes: Another shoe trend to be inspired by one iconic pair is the quilted loafer. The original comes, of course, from Chanel, and echoes the houses’ covetable flap bag, but the popularity of the polished design has seen it translated time and again by some of our favourite shoe brands adding their own spin to create something entirely new. Now your shoes can really match your bag. 

Russell & Bromley always manage to translate runway trends in the chicest way possible.

Tell me that these don’t just look comfortable.

Didn’t get your hands on Chanel’s leather quilted loafers? Now’s your chance to get them in corduroy.

You’ve been warned–these are currently in the sale, so won’t be hanging around for long.

Style Notes: Let’s face it, we love black loafers, but there’s always room to squeeze in a pop of colour to help lift an outfit. Nothing says “spring/summer” quite like a new colour trend, and fortunately for us, just about anything goes when it comes to loafers. There’s seasonal pastels, colour-block brights, and subtle creams for the minimalists who don’t want to stray too far away from a monochrome colour scheme. 

These are available in black too, but the cream look so, so expensive. 

Fold down the backs and wear as a slip on loafer too. That’s a 2-in-1.

Wearing black jeans? Try a deep espresso loafer. 

There’s a reason that this spring is all about green. 

Style Notes: The horsebit is almost so synonymous with the loafer that you’d be forgiven for thinking that a shoe wasn’t a loafer without one. Top of our list? Gucci’s original leather loafer ranks highly, but there’s also one high-street shoe that’s become an overnight bestseller, and once you see it, you’ll know why.

It’s impossible to choose a favourite of all of the prints and colourways, so I’m just going to start here.

It’s a miracle that these are still in stock. 

A peachy, caramel tan that will go with everything in your wardrobe.

At this point, we should just consider leopard print a neutral. 

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