7 Autumn Outfit Ideas I’m Copying From ‘90s Rom-Coms

7 Autumn Outfit Ideas I’m Copying From ‘90s Rom-Coms

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the last 1.5 years rewatching the classic rom-coms of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. When everything feels like it’s in disarray, there’s nothing more comforting than escaping into a world of clichéd meet-cutes, dramatic proclamations of love and guaranteed storybook endings.

As the rest of the world invested their time in dramatic thrillers and cliffhanger-laden series (Squid Games, I’m looking at you) I happily retreated to an alternate reality before lockdowns, global pandemics or even social media existed. And while, the saccharine sweet, completely unrealistic storylines were enough to keep me around, I found myself staying for the fashion. From Julia Roberts’s leather blazer and beret combo in Notting Hill to Meg Ryan’s bookstore chic attire in You’ve Got Mail, I quickly discovered watching ‘90s rom-coms was more than just a tool for escapism, it was also a source of new (old) outfit inspiration.

Between Parent Trap, Maid in Manhattan and When Harry Met Sally, keep scrolling to discover the autumn outfit ideas I plan to copy from ‘90s rom-coms.

Style Notes: I’m just a girl, standing in front of a computer screen dying to recreate this look. The beret, the glasses, the leather blazer. It’s all so good and all so relevant right now.

Style Notes: This look is screaming “book store owner chic” though even if that’s not your vocation, this outfit formula would work for any industry. The rollneck and tunic pairing is understated yet polished.

Is it possible to discuss ‘90s movie fashion without mentioning Clueless? As if! Dionne’s contrast collar dress and mini handbag combo feels very 2021. Just lose the knee-high socks and you’ve got yourself a look. 

Style Notes: Each year, this picture is posted to Instagram feeds the world over heralding the start of “sweater season.” And while it might have become a bit of a cliche, you can’t deny the timeless nature of a cable knit, mini skirt and tights. 

Style Notes: Ok, this is not technically a ‘90s rom-com but we couldn’t list create a list of stylish, fictional women of this decade without paying homage to Hilary Banks. The woman was a blazer aficionado, and I particularly love the way she’s paired a blazer here with a printed dress and knee-high boots.

Style Notes: In the eyes of my 6-year-old self, Parent Trap’s Elizabeth James was the epitome of chic. Evidently, my taste hasn’t changed too much as her outfits feel just as stylish today. This white coat and beige shift dress would look elevated no matter the decade.

Style Notes: Take me on a walk through Central Park wearing a borrowed outfit any day if the outfit looks like this. This is a tonal outfit done right.

Next up, the biggest Autumn/Winter 2021 trends you need to know. 

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