After Hours in French Pharmacies, I Can Confirm These 10 Products Are Magic

After Hours in French Pharmacies, I Can Confirm These 10 Products Are Magic

A few weeks ago, I spent a very long weekend in Paris, which is one of my all-time favourite cities! As you can imagine, my trip was spent eating my way through the city, but I also spent a lot of time exploring the French pharmacies. While I’m fortunate enough to write about beauty on a weekly basis, I still somehow never get bored of discovering new products, and that’s exactly what I set out to do in my time in France.

While rummaging through the pharmacy shelves, I found many products that I had heard of before and that are currently available in the UK, such as La Roche-Posay and Caudalie. But I also discovered several less familiar brands, including Horace, a Parisian natural skincare and grooming brand for men, and Rouje, a chic Parisian fashion and beauty brand that I’d seen all over Instagram but never in real life.

It’s safe to say that my trip was a success. I returned to the UK armed with so many new French beauty products and recommendations. So if you’re on the hunt for some new things to try, look no further than the 10 products that I discovered in Parisian pharmacies. Plus, I have selected brands you can shop here in the UK, so there is no need to book a Eurostar ticket. (Although, I’d never say no to another jaunt across the channel.)

I’ve been obsessed with the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré for months, as many makeup artists rave about it, and I can confirm that it’s one of the best hydrating moisturisers and makes for a great primer before makeup application. I was intrigued to see how this multifunction nourishing moisturiser compares, and it’s safe to say it’s just as good, with the added bonus of being more lightweight and suitable for both the body and face.

I talk a lot about how I’m often left feeling uninspired by eye shadow palettes, as many look identical to one another and it doesn’t leave much room to experiment. However, upon seeing this palette from T.LeClerc, I instantly felt inspired. The palette consists of nine warm- and cool-toned shades with matte and iridescent finishes. This is my idea of the perfect everyday palette!

A standout lip was essential on my shopping quest in Paris, so I was delighted to discover this creamy burgundy lipstick with a non-drying matte finish from the brand Rouje, which was founded by Jeanne Damas.

I think we can all remember the UK hype of this cult classic from Bioderma back in 2012, which certainly paved the way for micellar water, and it’s still going strong. Formulated with sensitive, normal and dry skin types in mind, this micellar water gently cleanses away makeup and impurities, leaving the skin feeling soothed.

This bronzed highlighter is a makeup-and-skin hybrid thanks to its skin-friendly ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, that’ll leave your skin feeling hydrated, all while managing to achieve your best glow yet! My favourite thing about this is that you’re also able to buy a luxurious leather case to tuck your highlighter away in, and the highlighter compact is refillable, making it great for the planet and making it easier than ever for top-ups.

You can never have too many lip products, and this Chantecaille hydrating lip balm deserves to be on the top of your list. It’s a good combo for a lipstick with a perfect colour payoff and has the moisturising power of a lip balm with a glossy finish. This makes for a great all-year-round product.

This youthful serum enhances the luminosity of the skin and provides a fresh dewy glow. Infused with innovative probiotics, prebiotic and postbiotic actives, it’s guaranteed to give your skin a youthful boost.

L’Occitane does it once again with a nourishing hand cream, enriched with shea butter to help relieve dry hands with a much-needed boost.

As someone who is always on the hunt for lash serums that help to lengthen natural lashes over time, I thought this mascara-and-eyelash-growth hybrid was super innovative. Using a botanical complex from the brand, it promotes longer and healthier lashes.

What’s French beauty without a signature black liner? L’Eyeliner from Rouje helps you to achieve the classic look with this felt liner and flexible tip for easier precision. Next up, these candles are in the coolest French homes.

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