From Quiet Luxury to “Old Money”—We Rate All of Succession’s Most Iconic Outfits

From Quiet Luxury to

Succession might not be a show that centres around fashion on first watch, but that’s not to say that, over the last four seasons, the characters’ wardrobes haven’t piqued our interest, provided key context and, at times, given us unexpected wardrobe envy. In fact, whether you’ve noticed it or not (and therein lies the beauty of it—the costume designers are nothing if not masters in subtlety) what the cast of Succession were wearing was wholly significant in bringing each character’s specific identity and the savage world of media’s upper echelons to life. From Shiv’s quiet luxury aesthetic, to Kendall’s “old money” designer garms, Willa’s style evolution towards First Lady material and let’s not forget Naomi Pierce’s fashion-insider-approved looks that made us all want to switch to an entirely monochromatic wardrobe. 

Succession may be over now (don’t worry, you won’t find any last episode spoilers here, although if you haven’t even made it to the last season yet, beware there may be some early season giveaways), but we’re not quite ready to let it go. So, in honour of one of the best TV shows of our time, we thought we’d take a look back and deep dive into (and, yes, rate out of ten) Succession’s most iconic fashion moments. If you’re a fan (or even if you’re not), play along with us—and be sure to head to our Instagram to have your say on whether you think our ratings are accurate, or not. Yes, we may or may not be trying to fill the post-last-episode void with this nostalgic review, but until another show this good comes along, you’re going to have to let us grieve the only way we know how…

WWW Rating: 8/10. We love a camel suit and a high street quiet luxury find (Shiv’s top is from Reiss). 

WWW Rating: 6/10. One of Willa’s most iconic early looks. We respect the choker decision, but we’re pretty sure season four Willa would never. 

WWW Rating: 3/10.  The costume department really did Shiv a dirty in the first ever episode. The trench coat and bag say “I grew up with money”, but the Shiv we know now wouldn’t be caught dead in this slouchy Fair Isle knit. 

WWW Rating: 9/10. We’ll give this a high rating for the predictability of it all. Of course Matsson wears Acne Studios, he’s a true Swede after all. 

WWW Rating: 10/10. Spoiler alert: You won’t find a Naomi Pierce outfit in this article that doesn’t get a 10/10 from us. So chic. 

WWW Rating: 3/10. We’re give this a 3/10 for style points, but it gets a 10/10 for how iconic Kendall’s Gucci bomber jacket era was. The added printed Prada polo and weirdly metallic Gucci trainers just say “try hard” so well. 

WWW Rating: 5/10. Adidas slides are better than barefoot, we guess?

WWW Rating: 9/10. It may be simple but this is one of our favourite Shiv Roy quiet luxury looks. 

WWW Rating: 10/10. Another killer Proenza Schouler monochrome moment from the fashion lover, Naomi. 

WWW Rating: 8/10. *SPOILER ALERT* Marcia chose one of Veronica Beard’s famous blazers for her funeral look. But it’s the net fascinator that says “scorned-but-grieving wife” perfectly. 

WWW Rating: 9/10. We always knew Gerri had it in her. 

WWW Rating: 10/10. Top marks for this uber-chic double halterneck moment. 

WWW Rating: 2/10. Oh Ken, you really tried to be that guy, didn’t you? 

WWW Rating: 8/10. Kendall’s “off duty old money” aside, honestly, we didn’t get enough Rava moments for our liking. Her cameos were always incredibly chic. 

WWW Rating: 6/10. We’ll give you extra marks for the personalised effort here, Ken, but put the bombers away. 

WWW Rating: 9/10. Honestly, one of our favourite Shiv looks of the whole show and another quiet luxury winner. A Max Mara suit, Hereu bag and is that a Skims bodysuit we see?

WWW Rating: 7/10. We don’t get a lot of low-key, downtime looks from the cast of Succession, but when we do we’re always fascinated by the choices. We’re here for this chic loose linen look chosen by Shiv during one of our favourite sequences in the last episode (we’ll say no more). 

WWW Rating: 10/10. This is Kendall at his best IMO. Sharp suit, stylish overcoat from one of his favourite “old money” uber-luxury brands Loro Piana and a pair of aviators. 

WWW Rating: 10/10. Naomi is nothing if not dedicated to her monochromatic wardrobe, and we have the utmost respect for it. 

WWW Rating: 9/10. Elegant, stylish, sophisticated: This Ralph Lauren silk co-ord (and the very expensive-looking highlights) signal Willa’s complete transformation into potential First Lady material. It’s a far cry from the chokers and fur-trimmed parka’s of early days, that’s for sure.  

WWW Rating: 10/10. If you’re not completely obsessed with Roman’s ‘2 for $14’ Walmart boys T-Shirt look that says “I found this in my childhood bedroom” and tells us everything we need to know about his frame of mind in this moment, we can’t be friends. Bravo costume department, bravo. 

WWW Rating: 8/10. The cast’s “summer in Italy” wardrobes were some of our favourites, especially this classy polka dot jumpsuit and Castañer wedges moment from Shiv. 

WWW Rating: 8/10. Of course Gerri owns a Hobbs camel coat. Of course she does. 

WWW Rating: 9/10. *SPOILER ALERT* It may be subtle, but wearing Saint Laurent to your ex-husband’s funeral is an absolute power move we’d be proud to make. 

WWW Rating: 5/10. It’s giving Atonement library scene meets vintage-glamour. We’re here for the hair and earrings, but the dress would have been better in a colour that didn’t match her skin tone. 

WWW Rating: 7/10. We love a power woman moment from Shiv, and this black poloneck-herringbone blazer-black wide-leg pants look is just the nod to the Eighties we needed. 

WWW Rating: 0/10. Dare we say it’s giving… Goldmember? 0/10 for the outfit, 10/10 to the costume department. 

WWW Rating: 10/10. Nan Pierce’s matriarchal coastal grandmother look here is perfection. Simple as that. 

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