How the LA Rams’ new logo managed to anger an entire fanbase

How the LA Rams' new logo managed to anger an entire fanbase

With the rest of the sports world on hold, the Los Angeles Rams had a news cycle all to themselves last week. Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with football

Maybe the first mistake was the timing. With the rest of the sports world effectively shut down, the Los Angeles Rams decided that it was the ideal time to launch their updated logo. Unfortunately, they didn’t take into account that sports fans were desperate for anything to distract them from the nonstop glut of doom-and-gloom that currently makes up the rest of the news. The launch was met with a barrage of ridicule, much of it coming from their own fanbase, and the negative reaction could send the team back to the literal drawing board.

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.@RamsNFL fans, I reviewed your comments regarding our new logos and share in your disappointment. I’ll be speaking with the Rams on our behalf. Please like if you prefer the logo on the left and retweet to vote for the logo on the right (Rams booster club).
-The Rambassador

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