Parents Share Their Experience With Assigning Chores To Kids

Parents Share Their Experience With Assigning Chores To Kids

If you are a parent yourself, you know very well that the overwhelming majority of children don’t like doing chores – and when parents try to teach them to do so, they show real miracles of ingenuity and wit in trying to avoid them. Here we have a hilarious selection of parents sharing their experience with assigning chores to kids. Scroll down to see them all and let us know your own experience in the comments below!

My dad told my daughter she was the best duster ever then leaned in to me and whispered “if you tell kids they’re amazing at the chore they don’t bitch about doing it” and suddenly I’m questioning if I really was the most amazing weed-puller he ever saw

I rank my kids by how many chores they do and how much they complain. My favorite child is the Roomba.

Never underestimate the memory of a kid whose sibling didn’t help with chores one time three years ago.

My kid: “So… like.. do we just do chores every day and every day until we die?”

Son: I've agreed to do one chore a week Me: I think you can double that Son: Okay... one chore every 2 weeks

Kids: *feverishly cleaning* I can’t believe it took me this long to realize that all I had to do was turn off the Wi-Fi and now I control the universe.

My 7yo when he forgets to do HW or chores: “I’m just a kid!” My 7yo any other time: “On 11/26/18 at 9:17am, a sunny Monday with intermittent clouds, you said that in 2 years you would get me a Voltron Lego set. You said, and I quote, ‘mm-hmm,’ which is a legally binding yes.”

Me, to 6yo in closet: What are you doing? 6yo: I’m hiding so I don’t have to clean. Me: 6yo: Me: Mind if I join you?

6-year-old: I don't want to help clean the house. Me: It doesn't have to be a chore. It can be fun. 6: You can have my fun for me.

Make life interesting by giving your preteen the chore of putting away dishes so you can a) never find anything ever again, and b) narrowly avoid death from a pots and pans avalanche every time you open the cabinet

When my kids assure me they will clean up their mess, I know how my dentist must feel when I assure him I will floss.

I made a chore chart for my kids, and this morning I noticed my son erased everything on his list and just wrote relaxing. The chore chart has spoken.

We rotate chores for the kids each week. This week son was on laundry duty. He just…lost an entire load of kid clothes. Like, we can’t find them anywhere in the house, yard, garage, storage. Anywhere 

I’m semi convinced it’s an attempt to be taken off future laundry duty

We’re going to give our kids gold star stickers for each chore they complete and at the end of the week we will add up the stars on the chart and then completely forget about the whole thing.

Me: "Who's the best sweeper? I need a good one."

7y.o, pointing to 5y.o: "SHE is!" 

Damn. Time to dig deeper into my bag of chore tricks.

My kid got so bored he asked to do chores, so if you need me, I'll be over here on my fainting couch

No one is full of more false hope than a parent with a new chore chart.

My kid’s assignment was to write about her chores, so I asked her if she started it with “Once Upon a Time” because kids doing chores only happens in fairytales.

My 11 y/o daughter wanted an allowance so we started negotiating a chores list but she put up her hand after a couple minutes and said, “Okay, this is great, but like when do we work in some self-care here?” Kids always know who to put first.

“UGH, you’re ALWAYS making me do chores!” - any kid who’s asked to do a chore for the first time in 2 weeks

I just made a chore chart for my 10-month-old, in case any of you were questioning my commitment to raising responsible adults.

My kids understand that the most important part of any five-minute chore is the forty-five minutes they spend fighting over who's going to do it.

My son just whined that he was bored and my wife whipped up a chore list so fast, I think she might have a superpower

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