The Exact Jeans, Trainers and T-Shirts Our Editors Actually Buy and Wear

The Exact Jeans, Trainers and T-Shirts Our Editors Actually Buy and Wear

Not every trend is for everyone, and similarly, some might consider themselves more of a dress person than a trouser one. Fashion is subjective—that’s one of the things we love about it—but there are certain pieces that are common to most, if not all, wardrobes. Today we’re talking about three that we’re confident everyone owns (and if not, you’re missing out big time): Jeans, sneakers and t-shirts.

Even if you don’t count on these versatile, whatever-the-weather items to form the foundation of your outfits, our editors definitely do. And they know better than anyone that not all jeans, sneakers and tees are created equal. Whether it’s the fabric choice, the cut or how the design stands up to repeated washes, there are all kinds of criteria they keep in mind when wading through the huge selection out there, in order to whittle it down to a few worthy winners.

If you’re looking to replenish your denim, trainers, t-shirts, or all of the above, scroll on to see and shop the Who What Wear editors’ all-time favourite picks.

“As someone whose wardrobe revolves around high-waisted everything, I find tucking in long T-shirts can really ruin a look. Up steps this cropped ribbed tee from Arket to solve all of my problems.”

“I bought these only a few days ago and wasn’t expecting them to fit (as most high street jeans are awful on me) but they were perfect! At 5’1” I normally have to take jeans up or cut the hems off, but these were the right length. Additionally, I normally struggle with the waist-to-thigh ratio but these didn’t gape at the back yet they weren’t too tight on my thighs. Dream find. Thank you, COS!”

“I haven’t actually tried them yet but I’m constantly looking at the different colourways for New Balance 327s, unable to make a decision! So many good options, so little time.”

“You can’t beat a fresh white tee, and this thick, oversized cotton one from House of Dagmar is exactly the cut and fit that I look for in a t-shirt. Tired of sheer, shapeless tops that cling in the wrong places? This is the tee for you. Boxy enough to feel modern, but still true to the wardrobe classic.”

“I’d sworn off jeans entirely until a perfectly tailored pair of E.L.V jeans changed my life. Their sustainable credentials are brilliant (they’re made from upcycled denim), the fit is impeccable (no more waist gap), and they might cost a little more than a high-street pair, but they’re sturdy enough to be worn and re-worn for a lifetime.”

“My boyfriend hates them, so I know that these are a uniquely ‘fashion trainer’, and once I’ve worn my old Superga high-tops to the point of collapse, these are next on my wishlist.”

“I love H&M’s t-shirts. I normally opt for the slightly thicker styles as I feel these are better under blazers but the thinner ones are also great layering pieces in the winter.”

“When it comes to jeans, I like a raw hem and slightly cropped leg. I always feel these look best with heels or ankle boots! Some of my favourite pairs are from Agolde, I am a big fan of the Riley’s, but on the high street I head to Zara.”

“I’m not really a trainer person but I do love the New Balance 327s. I wear mine at the weekend with leggings, cosy socks and a sweatshirt or in spring with a floral midi dress. Plus, they’re really comfy, which equals a big win in my book!”

“Whilst I’m a lover of a plain white tee, sometimes a print or logo below a blazer is the easiest way to add a little personality to your outfit.”

“The biggest side effect of the Y2K comeback for me has been my desperate need to bring back low-waist baggy jeans like Avril Lavigne’s in 2002. They’re just so comfortable!”

“I can’t seem to shake the athleisure/Normcore trend so any sneakers that look like my dad’s in the ’90s are right up my street.”

“After trying every white t-shirt on the market, I’ve come to find anything a bit more ‘heavyweight’ lasts the longest, looks the most expensive and you can be certain it’s not see-through.”

“I’m a classicist when it comes to my denim and I just can’t find a better pair than my Levi’s ribcage ankle jeans.”

“Other trainers come and go in my shoe wardrobe, but year after year I always turn back to my converse—I love that they go with all my tailoring as well as more casual jeans.”

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