The Summer Sales Are Starting to Drop—Here’s What I’m Bookmarking

The Summer Sales Are Starting to Drop—Here's What I'm Bookmarking

Unlike the January sales (which all start within a week of each other), the summer sales can be harder to keep track of. Their start dates will be staggered across the months, meaning you have to be more strategic. Well, we can officially report that some key brands are starting to release their discounts, most notably Prepare to get clicking. 

Of course, we’re heading toward those cult buys we’ve spotted all over our Insta feeds so far this year, but we’re also picking the pieces you’ll still want to for many years to come. We’re talking crossbody bags, versatile tailoring, throw-on dresses and everything in-between. To help you navigate the often-confusing summer sale season, we’re alerting you when the big events start and pointing you to the best buys around. Happy browsing!

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Promo image: The Style Stalker

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