The Warm Weather Hero We’re Living in Right Now

The Warm Weather Hero We’re Living in Right Now

It seems as though summer 2020 is all about the basic, whether it’s the perfect tracksuit bottom, the ultimate white tee or the most versatile throw-on dress. This adoration for all things classic has also brought about a renewed love for shorts, and specifically linen shorts. We might not be jetting off on holidays this year, but this comfortable wardrobe hero is sure to instantly transport you to those sun-drenched beaches (well, in your mind anyway).

With its breathable and light texture, linen is exactly the sort of fabric you want to be wearing when the temperature rises and you need something to carry you from sofa to desk to supermarket with ease. Typically, this is a style that comes in neutrals, such as white, beige and black, and while there are plenty of these low-key buys about this year, there is also a good selection of bright colours and feel good prints for those who want it.  When it comes to styling, I recommend sticking to simple separates—a linen shirt will also make for a fun pairing, as will a boxy tee or a tank top. More tailored iterations will also lend themselves to more polished blouses or blazers, for when you crave a more smart finish. Ready to go? Scroll down to shop what is sure to be summer 2020’s most hard-working staple. 

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