This Zara Perfume Gives a Damn Good Impression of a £235 Cult Fragrance

This Zara Perfume Gives a Damn Good Impression of a £235 Cult Fragrance

Here at Who What Wear UK, it’s safe to say we are big fans of Zara perfumes. Not only do they smell incredible, but the bottles look chic, they’re super affordable and they give designer fragrances a run for their money. If I’m being totally honest, some of the most-used perfumes in my collection are from the high-street store. The other day, my friend texted me to say that she was out shopping and looking to treat herself to a Zara fragrance, and she asked which one I’d recommend.

I replied straight away telling her that she had to get Red Temptation. Don’t get me wrong—there isn’t one Zara perfume that I’ve tried and haven’t liked, but in my opinion, Red Temptation is a cut above the rest. I’m planning on getting a bottle for all of my friends and family this Christmas, as I’ve never received so many compliments on a scent before. Not only that, but it smells so similar to a certain £235 cult fragrance…

If you’re wondering which perfume I’m talking about, it’s none other than Baccarat Rouge 540. I’m sure you’ve seen this perfume all over your Instagram and TikTok feeds, and there’s no denying that it’s one of the most luxurious scents on the market. I’ve had it in my collection for a while now, and I always reach for it on special occasions. To me, it’s smooth, it’s sensual and it has a chocolate-like sweetness, which is all thanks to a combination of saffron, jasmine, cedarwood and amber. And when I first smelt Red Temptation by Zara, I couldn’t believe how similar it was. 

The high-street fragrance also contains notes of saffron, jasmine and amber, but the addition of praline gives it a delicious, creamy finish. If I had to describe it in a nutshell, I would say it smells sweet, sensual and incredibly expensive. Even if you don’t like sweet scents, the woody, earthiness of amber and moss give this fragrance a deep richness, and I’m yet to meet someone who isn’t obsessed with it. With winter approaching, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Spritzing the perfume feels like a warm hug, and the scent is just perfect for making any Christmas parties or festive dinners feel even more special.

The best bit about this perfume is just how affordable it is. You can get a 80ml bottle for £23, and trust me when I say that it will last you forever. It has some seriously impressive staying power for a high-street fragrance, and thanks to the price, I don’t mind throwing it in my bag and topping up throughout the day. All in all, if you’re looking for a new perfume this season, I urge you to make this one top of your list.

See? Told you the bottle was chic. Pros: Smells just like Baccarat Rouge 540, affordable and great for keeping in your handbag. Cons: Doesn’t last as long as the designer counterpart.

With notes of cherry, peony and vanilla, this fresh, fruity fragrance is perfect for everyday wear.

This is another addictive fragrance from the brand. It features floral notes of jasmine and orange blossom alongside vanilla and cedar for a beautifully balanced finish.

For something really fresh, you can’t go wrong with Apple Juice by Zara. As the name suggests, fruity apple, orange and pink grapefruit are combined with floral, woody notes that make this my go-to spring scent.

When it comes to autumn and winter, I always opt for more warming scents, and Amber Fusion by Zara is the perfect blend of amber, bergamot and red berries.

If you like gardenia scents, then you will love this Zara perfume. Alongside the floral notes there are hints of peach, raspberry and coffee for a unique finish.

This is the perfect scent for the festive season. Think notes of pear, spicy pepper, red rose and saffron.

How beautiful is this bottle? Golden Decade is a warm fragrance with notes of jasmine, mandarin and lavender, and trust me when I say that this smells so expensive. 

I love a gourmand fragrance, and this rose-based blend contains delicious caramel and vanilla notes for a sweet finish.

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