Tiger Woods’ restart reticence builds anticipation for his eventual return

Tiger Woods' restart reticence builds anticipation for his eventual return

The Masters champion had dodged the start of the PGA Tour’s resumption, adding to the clamour to see the state of his game

A Friday evening check by the United States golf media has long since become both routine and mundane. As entries close for the following week’s PGA Tour event, a scan of the talent list is necessary to find out if a certain T Woods will single-handedly raise the status of any given tournament. Through the stages of Woods’s incredible career – greatness, epic decline, greatness again – his ability to draw eyes has never wilted. Arguably, the Woods aura is now stronger than ever.

Quite why Woods enjoys his scheduling plans being so shrouded in mystery has always been unclear. Every other golfer in the world, either privately or otherwise, will offer steers. Woods seems to revel in the secrecy of what essentially is triviality.

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It’s reasonable to infer he would relish a chance to play spared of the racket that forms a backdrop to his every step

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