We’ve Overlooked Cameron Diaz’s ’90s Style for Far Too Long

We've Overlooked Cameron Diaz's '90s Style for Far Too Long

Blonde style stars like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow are among the most-often cited as minimalist icons of the ’90s, with their carefree approach to making the simplest outfits timeless and chic. Forever in search of new muses (and celebrity archives are our favourite place to start), we recently came to the realisation that Cameron Diaz very much deserves a place on this list.

While the noughties saw a style shift for all of us (oh, to think of the things we wore), it seems to have particularly eclipsed Cam’s somewhat signature minimalism at the start of her career. I associate her personal style with the bright colours and millennium-chic looks of the Charlie’s Angels press tour or her more recent California uniform of distressed jeans and tee, but definitely not head-to-toe black and relaxed menswear. While I’m all for changing up our personal styles, I think it’s time we bring back some of Cameron’s best ’90s looks for a little style 2020 inspiration.

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Like any committed minimalist, Cameron proves that head-to-toe black is anything but boring. It’s all in the details, like her snakeskin loafers.

Keeping it simple is best for travelling. Diaz’s jumper tied around her waist, a leather backpack and fabulous ankle boots are so chic.

Opting for dark charcoal grey trousers, the simplicity of her white buttons and slip-on flats make this look a win. Also spotted: a repeatedly worn top-handle handbag.

Cameron was a pro at sporting casual tailoring. Wearing a men’s suit minus the white shirt makes for an ultra-chic look at the premiere of The Mask (Diaz’s breakout role).

Her constant go-to was a strong tailored trouser with a basic T-shirt with her favourite accessory: a shoulder-knotted cardigan.

On the Jay Leno Show, a young Cam matched her beige blazer with heeled, platform trainers. Love this!

Cam wore knits with everything through the ’90s. This is probably the most 2019 look of all. Slip skirt? Tick. Jumper? Tick. Beaded bag? Tick. Strappy sandals? Tick!

Because leopard print is a neutral, I’d still consider this a minimalist look… from the top up. Those burgundy trousers hint that she might evolve her style. 

Here Diaz wears mustard trousers to change up from her all-black ensembles. If Cam wasn’t wearing a cardigan, she often had one draped around her.

Her shoulder-cardi styling move even made it onto the red carpet with a glittery black dress. That’s commitment. Shout-out to her perfect black heels. 

Her late-’90s red carpet looks feel like the beginning of the end of her minimalist phase. But when you break them down, they are still quite low-key. She paired this satin pink dress, though loud, with transparent heels and a tiny bag.

This sheer-tee–miniskirt-and-loafers look is very Cher in Clueless. Early in her style days, this is a quintessential ’90s outfit. 

Though the frills speak to her style to come, the all-white palette, simple bob and maxi skirt keep this minimal. She even matched her eye shadow to her purse.

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