20 & Other Stories Pieces That Are Making Me Smile

20 & Other Stories Pieces That Are Making Me Smile

On days when I feel a little out of sorts, I tend to lean on the same styling trick to make me look and feel a little brighter. You guessed it: wearing bright colours. On days when I have a headache, a hangover or am feeling a little emotional, I’ll head for the most colourful items I own. So it won’t surprise you to hear that I’ve spent most of March and April dressing like a rainbow and wearing more vibrant colours than Queen Elizabeth II on a royal tour. And I’m not alone here. This month, many participated in the #instarainbowchallenge, in which people wore jolly, vibrant outfits for a week.

In my opinion, the one high-street store that does colour better than anywhere else is & Other Stories, as you’d currently struggle to find much beige and black on there. There’s a clear colour palette it is working with for spring, with many of the designs incorporating powdery pinks, acid greens, lemons and soft, icy blues.

The items that I love the most include a linen pink midi dress with a smocked detail at the waist and a peppermint smocked crop top. What can I say? I love the smock. I am also drawn to the pastel linen tailoring, particularly the sage green linen shorts and the baby-pink blazer. Keep scrolling to see all the colourful pieces I’m loving on & Other Stories right now. 

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