6 Fresh Colour Trends That Are Making Me So Excited for Spring

6 Fresh Colour Trends That Are Making Me So Excited for Spring

Spring is an exciting time for fashion—so much so that the long slog of winter can seem even more drawn out when you and your wardrobe are ready for its arrival. However, there is one seamless way you can begin injecting the joyful mood of the runway into your current looks, and that’s by embracing the spring 2022 colour trends now.

It might be too soon to begin thinking about shorts and sandals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start taking inspiration from the new collections. After all, incorporating the standout colours from the runway into your ensembles is the easiest way to start honing your spring aesthetic, and anything that can make my outfits feel fresh again with little effort on my part is A-okay by me. And from where I’m standing, there are six shades to prioritise above the rest.

Scroll on to see the colours—from Proenza Schouler’s take on orange to the variations of green seen everywhere from Rejina Pyo to Valentino—that’ll make you look instantly on-trend this season and to shop my pick of the best buys for each.

Style Notes: If there’s one shade that encompasses all that is 2022, it’s green. It’s easily the most prevalent tone on the runway, and designers explored everything from light lime to saturated neon, leaving you with lots of ways to interpret it for yourself. Me? I’ll be wearing it in dress or jumper form. 

Style Notes: Can white really be considered a “trend”? As it populated the runway in such a prolific way, yes, it absolutely can. Models wore it from top to toe by way of dreamlike dresses, floaty blouses and skirts and even suiting, acting as the perfect antidote to the gloomy shades of winter. 

Style Notes: Pink is another colour that has proven everlasting, but this year, it’s all about bubblegum brights. Anything that would look at home in Barbie’s wardrobe fits the bill. 

Style Notes: Call it oyster, call it butter, but definitely don’t call it white. Creamy tones bordering on yellow are another key look from the spring/summer 2022 runways, offering minimalists and pared-back dressers a way to brighten their wardrobes without having to commit to standout shades in the process.  

Style Notes: When Pantone reveals its annual Colour of the Year, you can bet all of the fashion industry pays attention. For 2022, you’d be forgiven for thinking designers had a crystal ball in which they could peer into the future, for periwinkle—the very shade Pantone has crowned as a need-to-know hue for 2022—was all over the runways way back in September 2021. 

Style Notes: Often overlooked in place of pink or green, orange is suddenly gaining serious momentum for spring. It was showcased in countless collections in every guise you can think—tailored trousers, knitwear and even shoes—but it’s clear, however, that orange dresses are going to be a hot-ticket item in 2022. 

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