Bathscaping Is an Art Form—Here Are 5 Ways to Master It

Bathscaping Is an Art Form—Here Are 5 Ways to Master It

We’ve picked up many new habits these past few months, and running a bath at 6pm is probably one of our favourites. There’s just something about soaking at the time you’d ordinarily be fighting for a spot on the tube or making a dash for the last seat on the bus that makes it even more blissful. And while there are many things we can’t wait to bid adieu to once lockdown is lifted, our twilight baths aren’t going to be one of them. So, in an attempt to make the most of them, we’ve been looking for ways to help elevate our tub-time; which is when we stumbled across bathscaping.

Chances are you’ve been bathscaping without even realising it. Following in the footsteps of tablescaping, the bathscaping trend is all about curating your bath and its surrounding area with chic bath caddies, luxurious candles, impossibly fluffy towels, jars filled with calming salts, and just about anything that makes your bath feel more bougie, to make it feel more inviting.

We’ve personally taken to bathscaping on almost a nightly basis, and it seems we’re not the only ones. Right now, our feeds are flooded with tranquil bathscaping inspiration, and here are just a few of our favourite interpretations of the trend. Keep scrolling to appreciate bathscaping for the art form that it truly is.

Style Notes: Inject some fun into your bathtime ritual with a bold towel or bathmat option, followed by an array of apothecary-style beauty products. 

Style Notes: Lean into the Scandi theme with monochromatic textiles, refillable amber bottles, wood textures, and woven baskets, and some sprigs of faux eucalyptus for good measure. 

Style Notes: Create yourself a date night for one with candlelight, pretty shell details, and frothy bubble bath. Rose petals optional but advised. 

Style Notes: Bring the rest of your home’s interiors trends into your bathroom; a pared-back bath caddy will act as the perfect pedestal for an unusual vase filled with dried flowers. 

Style Notes: Whether you’re charmed by the cottagecore trend or want a bathscaping look that won’t date, look for traditional pieces like an embroidered bathmat and off-set with a rustic wooden stool to perch your favourite products upon. 

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