From Chanel To Dior, Here Are The Exact Items Worn On Bling Empire

From Chanel To Dior, Here Are The Exact Items Worn On Bling Empire

If like me, you’ve already binged the entirety of  Netflix’s Bling Empire, you’re probably still thinking about the OTT outfits and extravagant jewellery. Giving us a glimpse into a world where Gucci-filled claw machines are a normal part of first birthday parties, and Dior personal shoppers make house calls complete with racks of new season clothing, Bling Empire offered the perfect dose of lavish escapism (which is precisely what I needed entering yet another week of lockdown). 

Even after spending years working in the fashion industry, the concept of haute couture clothing and fine jewellery still feels like another world, reserved for celebrities attending Cannes Film Festival or nominees at the Oscars. Though for this very particular set of wealthy Angelenos, bespoke buys practically come with the territory.

Whether attending a dinner party, spa day or yoga class, the cast of Bling Empire were basically always dripping in designer wears and this eccentricity (though often impractical) is part of the reason I couldn’t stop watching. Heiress Anna Shay was rarely seen without her Dior slingback heels, while Christine Chiu made her love of diamonds abundantly clear. Influencer-on-the-rise Jaime Xie donned some of the most memorable runway accessories from recent seasons (Givenchy pearl headband and Chanel earrings, included) while Chèrie Chan toted an impressive rotation of Hermès bags.  Keen to understand exactly what went into the wardrobes of these fashion-loving reality TV stars? Keep scrolling below as I’ve tracked down some of the exact designer items seen on the show. 

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