Funny Tweets About MLMs And Pyramid Schemes

Funny Tweets About MLMs And Pyramid Schemes

It’s no secret that multilevel marketing companies (MLMs) have destroyed people’s relationships and left many in financial ruin. MLMs often employ cult-like tactics to recruit and motivate participants. Still, it seems like everyone has at least a few high school acquaintances hawking dietary supplements, essential oils or leggings on social media. Luckily, these Twitter users have found humor in the nightmare of what many describe as pyramid schemes. We won’t say that MLMs and pyramid schemes are the same, because we don’t want to be sued by boss babes, however…

No matter how rough things get I remind myself I could be trapped in a pyramid scheme convinced I’m a business owner.

If you say I need to lose weight in the mirror three times, a high-school acquaintance appears and tries to rope you into their pyramid scheme.

A girl selling Arbonne messaged me her number asking me to join her team & the next day a girl selling Monat did the same thing, so I gave her Arbonne girl’s number. Feel like I just opened a pyramid scheme black hole. A “hey girl!” vortex

I got a friend request from a girl I went to school with who sucked but I accepted it because I’m a masochist. Then she liked a bunch of my posts and I was like “maybe she’s cool now” because I’m a narcissist. Then she invited me to her pyramid scheme. Always trust your gut.

Fun fact: a blue whale’s anus can stretch to approximately 3 and a half feet, making it the second largest asshole on the planet, just behind the person you haven't heard from since high school trying to sell you Herbalife.

“Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep” Linda whispered to herself, applying a clumsy coat of lipstick, but she wasn’t a lion at all, she sold hideous leggings on facebook

MLM recruitment messages are the unsolicited dick pics the mom world.

Hey girl!! I know this is super random but I think you‘re STUNNING and would be perfect for joining my business!! How would you like to pick YOUR OWN hours and make BIG $$$ getting paid to shove cocaine up your ass and smuggle it across international boarders?

Cannabis oil is so controversial in Utah because it’s the only essential oil that actually does something.

Calling yourself a Boss Babe is the smoothest way to tell people leggings got you $60,000 in debt & that's why you're divorced.

hey girl...

April Fools Day pranks are like Pyramid Schemes. You have to decide which of your friends you're willing to lose over your "great idea"

I’m looking for some people who wanna turn $100 into $4,000...I’m not scamming or doing a Ponzi scheme...we just gonna be selling crack.

the only way to establish balance in the universe is for all the crypto bros to fight all the mlm women to the death like in a marvel movie

The guy who co-founded Amway died, age 92. Eight people will carry his casket, but 16 more will have to carry them.

So glad I was weird af in high school cuz now ain’t no one hittin me up to join their pyramid scheme

Just saw someone describe crypto as 'Mary Kay for young men' and now I'm dying.

Haunted House Idea: A dimly lit church littered with women selling essential oils, Plexus and handmade crafts.

Coworker: you should come to my party! Me: what kind of party? Coworker: the kind where I sell you overpriced jewelry through my pyramid scheme Me: that’s no party.... [Coworker unzips her skin to reveal she’s actually Satan in disguise] Satan: you ruin all my fun

funny how no one is sold out of essential oils

I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% never going to buy your oils.

When I was in elementary school this girl bullied me because she had a club penguin membership and I didn’t and her penguin had a sweater and mine was naked and she just asked me to join her stupid hair product scam but don’t think I forgot about the sweater thing LAUREN

My girlfriend found lipstick in my pocket, I told her straight up I was cheating, there was no way I was going to confess I sell AVON .

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