I Live in My Skims Tube Dress—5 Outfits I Can Always Rely On

I Live in My Skims Tube Dress—5 Outfits I Can Always Rely On

You’d think, in my role as a social media editor, that I’d have a hardened resilience to viral items, but that’s not always the case. If I see something really, really great enough times (and that can be a lot in my line of work), my brain starts to tell me I need it, and it’s not long before I begin to mentally create various outfits featuring said item. Lately, I seem to have developed a penchant for It dresses in particular. This need kicks into gear when I have an event to attend, too. Remember the Abercrombie plunge dress from last summer? I bought it for a party and got so much wear out of it in the months that followed; it was money well spent, and I already can’t wait for summer to come so I can enjoy it some more. Of course, not all “viral” buys are worth the hype, and I didn’t expect to find a dress I love as much as my Abercrombie midi. But, as it turns out, lightning can strike twice. 

Allow me to introduce the latest item in a long list of #TikTokMadeMeBuyIts: the Skims’s Soft Lounge Long-Sleeve Jersey Nightdress. First things first, don’t let its name deceive you—yes, you can lounge around in it, but the true joy of this dress comes from the many ways you can wear it outside of the house. Tapping nicely into the maxi hemline trend we’re seeing a resurgence of this season, as well as its suits-all silhouette and extended size range, it’s little wonder this dress has been is a winner on social media. The best part? It lives up to my expectations in real life, too. 

Here, I’ve shared five of my favourite Skims dress outfits below. Like what you see? I’ve linked out to the pieces you’ll need to re-create my looks, too. Enjoy! 

Now, I’ll show you how I style it. 

Style Notes: This is probably my favourite way to wear this dress. Barely-there heels and an oversized blazer is such a low-lift look. You can further elevate the look with some gold accessories and a red lip; I wear this regularly for a dinner dates or drinks with friends. 

This blazer is a hit with me and so many of my colleagues. 

This dress comes in sizes XXS to XXXL. 

These sandals come in an array of versatile colours (not to mention half-sizes too!). 

Style Notes: One thing you should know about me? I can’t get enough of wearing dresses with trainers. Comfort for me always comes before style, and when I can merge the two, it’s a huge win. As it’s super cold out right now, layering is key. I paired this dress with a warm cardigan and a trench coat overtop for a look that’s perfect for the office. When I’m in the mood, I’ll also swap the shoes for some loafers for a smart take. 

I reach for my trench coat on a daily basis. 

My cardigan is old, but I’d very much like to own this style. 

The scoop neckline perfectly frames your décolletage. 

Icon meets icon. 

Style Notes: As we’ve established, I’m a self-confessed sneakerhead, so you can imagine the sheer happiness I felt when I finally got my hands on the ever-so-popular adidas Sambas. They go with everything, including my Skims dress. Right now I’m wearing it with jumpers over the top (because, cold) and finishing with COS’s best-selling crossbody bag for low-key luxe. 

The perfect throw-on jumper. 

The long sleeves are ideal for cooler days. 

Ask anyone on the Who What Wear team and they’ll tell you they love this bag. 

i give you fashion’s most in-demand trainer. 

Style Notes: This season, I’ve hit pause on my ankle boots in favour of knee-high boots and, let me tell you now, it’s the best decision I’ve made this year. If you know you’re going to be out and about in the cold, this is the best way to style the dress. Personally, I like to keep things extra toasty with a cropped puffer. 

The ideal cropped length that looks fancier than longer puffer styles. 

The more I look at this dress, the more I’m tempted to get it in another colour. 

These boots will never, ever date. 

Style Notes: The best thing about this dress is how seamlessly you can style it up or down, depending on the occasion or your mood. I also love that it can be worn in such a way that it ends up looking like a maxi skirt. Paired with a trophy jacket like this one and some simple heels, you’re ready to party!

In my opinion, every wardrobe would benefit from a “wow” jacket. 

The straight skirt silhouette feels particularly current this season. 

The perfect wear-anywhere (bars, resturants, weddings!) heel height. 

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