I Try Hundreds of Products a Year, But I Can’t Be Without This £9 Cleanser

I Try Hundreds of Products a Year, But I Can't Be Without This £9 Cleanser

One of the most amazing things about being a beauty editor is getting to try all of the amazing new products the industry has to offer. From foundations to face masks, come the end of the year, there’s rarely a new launch untouched. The downside to this, however, is that constantly chopping and changing your skincare routine isn’t particularly great for your complexion. In fact, my skin hates it. The minute I try to phase in a product that my skin doesn’t like, all hell breaks loose and I get seriously angry breakouts.

And the sad part is, I experience this with products I really think I’m going to love. All too often the perpetrators of such a situation are super expensive new launches that should be destined for greatness.

However, with all of this being said, there is one product (of which I am always fully stocked) that I reach for whenever my breakouts get out of control. The minute I spot my pores are getting congested and sense that a breakout is on the horizon, I drop absolutely everything and reach for my trusty old friend: Super Facialist Salicylic Acid Purifying Cleansing Wash (£9).

Almost like magic, after just a couple of days, my skin will already be showing signs of clearing up. And after a couple of weeks of using the blemish-fighting cleanser every day, I can usually expect my skin to be more or less blemish-free. Put it this way: If I could have it my way, this would be the only cleanser that I ever use.

When a cleanser costs under £10, I’m always a little dubious. However, a quick glance over the ingredients list of this one proves that top-notch skin clarifying ingredients don’t always justify a steep price tag. Most notably, it contains congestion-busting salicylic acid to slough away at dead skin cells with minimal irritation. On top of that, and this is where my real skincare geek comes out to play, it contains hydrating and glow-boosting niacin (or vitamin B3) – my favourite ingredient out there. And, for those that worry about foaming gel formulas being potentially drying, fear not. While there’s no doubt you’ll need to replenish lost moisture with a serum or moisturiser afterwards, it’s nowhere near as drying like so many others I have used.

Since discovering this cleanser last year, I have learned that I am not alone in my undying love for it. A quick WhatsApp message to my fellow beauty editors reveals that actually, a huge amount of us swear by the stuff. It’s not fancy and it’s not luxurious, but it does genuinely works. As someone that has a complexion that boasts blackheads, enlarged pores and regular breakouts, believe me when I say this cleanser solves the majority of my skin problems.

After the luxury experience of a skin-brightening cleansing oil without a high-end price tag? They don’t come much better than this. 

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