If You’re Determined to Get Dressed, These 10 Items Are Always So Easy to Style

If You're Determined to Get Dressed, These 10 Items Are Always So Easy to Style

After a few months of wearing a fleece and old pyjama bottoms, the novelty has quickly worn off. Now I’m trying to get dressed properly every day and leave the leggings to one side. But wearing a nice dress can feel a little bit much when you’re dressing to go to the next room. Comfortable outfits don’t all have to revolve around Lycra, however. The below 10 items are really easy to style and won’t make you feel ridiculous wearing them inside the house. The key here is to look for loose and relaxed silhouettes and pay close attention to the fabrics, favouring linens, knitwear and cottons. 

These throw-on outfits are suitable for work, watching Normal People for the third time or a Houseparty quiz. Personally, I plan on wearing oversize linen shirts, slip skirts and throw-on dresses. Buying new items isn’t a realistic option for many of us right now, and many of these pieces are classic items you are likely to find in your wardrobe. 

Keep scrolling to see the 10 items that are really easy to style right now.

Style Notes: Wear with an oversize shirt like Monikh did or any style of T-shirt.

Style Notes: This is a win-win for working from home. Wear with jeans, leggings or skirts.

Style Notes: Opt for a blouse in a punchy colour or playful print, and keep the rest simple.

Style Notes: Wear with a T-shirt or nothing underneath for a Parisian-style look.

Style Notes: This is the easiest thing to style, especially now that footwear isn’t necessary, because it’s an outfit in one piece.

Style Notes: As the temperatures increase, we’ll be living in throw-on dresses. Think of them as a stylish nightie.

Style Notes: Knitted vests look chic by themselves or paired with a matching cardigan or layered over a shirt. 

Style Notes: Shoes aren’t exactly necessary at home, but these comfy sandals are close to slippers.

Style Notes: Linen trousers can be as comfortable as jogging bottoms but look more put-together. 

Style Notes: Pair with jeans or shorts and you’re good to go. 

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