I’m a Fashion Editor and This Is the One Pair of Tights I Swear By

I'm a Fashion Editor and This Is the One Pair of Tights I Swear By

The British winter may have felt like it lasted for years—we spent far too much time thinking about layering, cosy knits, coats and boots—but now spring is finally here, and yes, it’s not quite the picnic-strewn fest we imagined it to be, but we’re enjoying the gradual rise in temperature all the same. There’s one thing, however, I never think to renew as the cold months pass into distant memory, and that’s my tights collection. Despite wearing them probably every other day over the colder months, when it comes to spring, I always seem to settle for my year’s old hosiery that looks and feels like it’s about to pop a hole every time I put them on. Shopping for tights is hardly enjoyable, is it?

However, the reality is we live in the UK, and having a good quality pair is essential all year round (yes, even in summer). Well, not only are tights back on the radar as a fashion statement—so we know its worth the time investment—but I’ve also tried on so many and can honestly say I think I’ve found the perfect pairs.

To help us all out of our tights rut, I was tasked with finding the best that money can buy, so I road-tested 23 different pairs of black opaques. They might all look the same in your underwear drawer, but there can be a huge difference between brands when you get down to the nitty-gritty. In my hosiery pile was a heat-tech pair from Marks and Spencer, Spanx‘s “bum-lifting” 60 deniers and a pair from Heist that has been called “the perfect tights.” For my final verdict, keep scrolling to see the tights that are worth spending money on this winter.

Spanx Luxe Leg Tights (£35)

The Spanx tights promise a lot. The package tells me they will “flatten my stomach and firm my butt and thighs.” They’re high waisted (they almost reach my bra line) and fitted with in-built shaping shorts, which do noticeably smooth my stomach and thighs, making them the best option if you’re wearing them with anything slinky or fitted. When you first try them on, the shapers do feel tight, but after five minutes or so, they felt comfortable enough to wear for the day, and they’re not as constricting as classic Spanx. Although, due to the sculpting high waistband, I wouldn’t wear these every day.

Heist The Fifty Tights (£22)

London-based brand Heist has a lot of hype, as it claims to have created the perfect pair of tights. Out of the 23 tights I tried, these were my favourite, as thanks to the high thread count (5000 yarns of nylon compared to the average 500), they’re soft, and the stretchy waistband and removal of the gusset means they keep their shape and don’t droop (gone are the days of trying to find a quiet corner to subtly hoist up your saggy tights).

You also don’t realise quite how annoying the centre seam and seams on the toes are until they are gone—the only seams on Heist tights are at the base of your foot, so they don’t snag against your toenails. They might be more expensive, however, with detailed washing instructions and the snag-free design, they’re a sensible investment. I was so impressed that I texted my mum to tell her to buy a pair.

Just behind Heist, my second favourite pair for everyday wear was a tie between Wolford 70 Opaque Tights (£23, available at luxury-legs.com) and Falke Pure Matt 50 (£19). These are the softest and most comfortable in my pile, and although they are more expensive than a high-street pair, they don’t droop and you can notice the difference in the quality of the fabric. If you play tights economics, these are a wise purchase, as they are far more likely to last you the entire season.

If you can’t spend £20 or £30 on a pair of tights, the best pair I tried on are Marks and Spencer 100 Denier Body Sensor Tights, which are £8 for three. I love that they’re soft and have a flattering high waistband. M&S’s super-soft opaque tights also rated highly in my experiment and are only £8 for six pairs. However, unlike the seamless fitted body on the Heist tights, these will slip over time.

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