Kendall Jenner’s Spring Coat-and-Shoe Pairing is So London

Kendall Jenner’s Spring Coat-and-Shoe Pairing is So London

More often than not, when a sighting of Kendall Jenner comes on our radar, there’s something notable to comment on. And this time is no exception. The supermodel was seen out and about in Beverly Hills sporting a very London trench-coat-and-boots combination that is sure to be an outfit formula we repeat for spring. 

If we break it down, it’s easy to see why this simple pairing is so effective. With the birds chirping and flowers blooming, spring is most definitely creeping in (whether the weather is ready to accept it or not). Trench coats are a staple London-girl at this time of year, as a lightweight yet waterproof style that lends itself to those slightly warmer days that can turn suddenly dampen. So, trench coat for spring = tick. But Jenner’s outfit formula has piqued our interest because of the elegant knee-high boot addition. This gives the look an elevated edge could easily be missed if trainers or loafers were chosen.

The overall effect is a sleek and considered, but still gives an effortless feel. This spring, we’re planning to recreate this for  

This is really expensive-looking. 

A lower heel allows for all day wear. 

The silk fabric adds to the elevated feel of this look. 

The block heel gives extra stability. 

This green hue is so good. 

These could easily pass for designer. 

This maxi silhouette is a personal favourite. 

Such an elegant silhouette. 

There’s a utilitarian feel to this one. 

The patent finish is a nice touch. 

A timeless addition you’ll rewear forever. 

Well done, M&S. 

Tod’s has redesigned the classic trench with a leather finish. 

The boots of my dreams. 

This two-tone one is a real contender. 

So many great outfits start with a chic pair of boots. 

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