PSA: GHD Just Launched a Rare Sale Across All Its Iconic Stylers

PSA: GHD Just Launched a Rare Sale Across All Its Iconic Stylers

If you’re anything like me, you grew up with the GHD brand. My first foray with the hairstyling giant was the OG straighteners, which I won in a competition as a teenager (best day ever). From that day on, I’d spend my morning straightening my hair to it’s optimum sleekness—these straightening irons were my pride and joy. Then I learnt how to curl my hair using the straighteners, which, looking back, wasn’t my finest hairstyle. This was before brushing out your curls was commonplace, and my ringlets were a little too poodle-like for my liking now.

While GHD is so well known for its straightening irons, there are so many great hairstyling tools from the brand that have launched over the years. The Air Hairdryer is my absolute favourite hairdryer, while you’ll find the amazing curling tongs and wands in any good hair salon. Then you have the addition of the Glide and Rise hot brushes, and, of course, the covetable Unplugged straighteners, which are travel-sized and cordless. This year, the brand also launched the Duet, a hairstyling tool that magically dries and straightens hair at the same time. Really, is there any hairstyling stone they’ve left unturned? 

So, when I saw that GHD was running a sale, I decided to compile some of my favourite hairstyling tools that I think are worth the investment. Alongside these discounts, there are also gift with purchases to be had, with we a free GHD Oval Dressing Brush (worth £23) with selected stylers, and a special bonus with the Duet styler. Here’s to good hair days, every day.

Was: £129Now: £109. The original styler is perhaps the most iconic of GHD’s products. If you have fine, short to medium-length hair, then this is the do-it-all tool that will effortlessly straighten while adding a glossy shine to your lengths, and the rounded shape of the styler means you can effortlessly create curls and waves, too.

Was: £199Now: £169. If you have thick or long hair, then the max styler has wider plates which allow you to style larger sections. I have these and can attest that they do make styling far easier and quicker on my long hair. Like the original styler, these reach a heat of 185 degrees centigrade, which is optimum for achieving professional finish while minimising excessive heat.

Gift with purchase: Bag and Sleek talker Wet Styling Oil. This is perhaps the biggest hair launch of the year yet, and GHD have made the seemingly impossible task of simultaneously straightening and drying hair possible.The Duet magically dries and straightens your hair while drying it, all without causing heat damage. Pretty cool, right? This also comes with a gift with purchase, which includes a bag and the Sleek Talker Wet Styling Oil, which are worth £56.95. If you need more convincing, you can read our full GHD Duet review here.

Was: £159Now: £135. Sometimes, you just want a styling tool that will quickly smooth over second-day hair. Not every day calls for individually straightening each section of hair. That’s why this hot brush is so handy. It also features ions within the brush, which help to eliminate flyaways as it glides through the hair, and the mix of short and longer bristles allow for larger sections of hair to be smoothed and for glossy finish.

Was: £169Now: £143. This is next on my list to try, as it looks like a great versatile hot tool. The rounded brush head allows you to create volume at the roots, but you can also roll this through the lengths for blowout bounce—far easier than using a hairdryer and round brush together. 

Was: £149Now: £134. I see this being used in hair salons all the time, it really is such a great hair curling tong. Unlike a wand, the tong allows you to clamp hair the hair at the base and roll up for an easy blowout look, or you can wrap the entire length of the hair around the wand and then secure in place as you allow the hair to heat. The large barrel results in glamorous yet soft, tumbling curls.

Was: £149Now: £134. The curve classic tong has a smaller, medium sized barrel that delivers a tighter, more defined curl. Think springy curls that can be brushed out into smooth Hollywood waves. 

Was: £149Now: £134. If beachy waves are more your bag, then you’ll want to try this wand. The barrel is oval-shaped, which gives the hair a beautiful S shape wave—think cool-girl, undone hair that looks totally effortless.

Was: £149Now: £134. The tapered barrel of the creative curl wand is ideal for creating beachy hair. The graduation of the wider part of the barrel to the finer tip means you can can shorter hair without losing length, particularly on short hair.

Was: £149Now: £134. If you have naturally curly hair, then this chopstick styler is ideal for creating tight curls with definition. The ultra long barrel means you can wrap even very long hair all the way along to the tip. And if you have straight hair, this is also great for creating very defined 1920s waves when brushed out.

Was: £135Now: £114. This is the only hairdryer I’m totally loyal to. I’ve used the air model for years and love how quickly it dries my hair. If you’re updating your current hairdryer then I’d highly recommend this kit, which also comes with a round brush, a diffuser for drying curls and sectioning clips.

Was: £179Now: £152. GHD’s latest hairdryer model promises even quicker drying and more shine. Plus, I love the sleek design, which is also super lightweight to use, too.

Was: £139Now: £126. Sometimes, you need something nimble to get the job done. This teeny tiny straightening iron is ideal for running through fringes to smooth and tame, or even for styling very short hair that standard straighteners are too clunky for. You can even use this to create volume at the roots. Take a section of hair underneath and create a bend in the hair and allow a top section to cover it. You get all of the volume without any hair styling products or back brushing required.

Was: £299Now: £239. Okay, can we talk about how cute these are? If you’re someone who travels a lot, or likes to top up their hair throughout the day, then these are absolutely worth the investment. The micro size is perfect for popping in your suitcase or handbag without taking up too much room. They’re also cordless, heating up in 45 minutes and delivering 20 minutes of styling with each charge.

Was: £419Now: £314. If you want to go all out and invest in both a hairdryer and a straightening iron, then this offer is too good to miss. Featuring the platinum+ styler (GHD’s best of the best styler) and the Helios hairdryer in luxe gold, this set makes a great gift (even if its for yourself) as it  comes housed in a red vanity case.

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