The 8 Alternatives I Go to When I Don’t Want to Wear Jeans

The 8 Alternatives I Go to When I Don't Want to Wear Jeans

Okay, before we get into it, we would just like to reiterate the following: We love jeans. We love wearing jeans. But it is possible to have too much of a good thing, and that’s sometimes the way we feel about them, particularly during summer, when there are a host of other options at your disposal. 

While we’re by no way suggesting that you should turn your back on jeans for good, we are here to show you the denim-outfit alternatives you can wear in their place. We’ve carefully chosen eight outfits which we think all jeans wearers will love but that’ll give you a temporary break from denim. Placing pause on skirts and dresses for a brief second, we’ve stuck to ensembles of the trouser and shorts variety so it doesn’t feel too removed from the aesthetic you can achieve from jeans. 

So which denim-outfit alternatives should you wear when you want to break away from jeans? Scroll on to discover them and to shop any pieces you might need to re-create the looks (if they’re not already in your wardrobe, that is). 

Style Notes: Often overlooked in favour of more statement-making strides, black tapered trousers are actually one of the classiest trouser styles out there and one of the most versatile. Wear them with a white jersey top and strappy sandals for easy elegance. 

Style Notes: Co-ords are high on the fashion agenda this season, and we love them when they come in bold, bright hues, just like Abi’s. 

Style Notes: Often modelled on weighty cotton, khakis are the closest thing you’ll find to jeans on this list and are just as simple to style. Our favourite combination? A Breton stripe and chunky flip-flops. 

Style Notes: If you don’t want to turn your back on loungewear just yet, well, don’t! Keep the comfort and chicness levels high with a pair of ribbed trousers. 

Style Notes: Divisive as they may be, cycling shorts are back for 2021, and as Camille proves, they look especially sleek with (more) Breton stripes and a polished handbag. 

Style Notes: Another trousers style we often find ourselves overlooking, chinos can help you unlock serious style potential, particularly when worn with a fitted tee and sexy sandals. 

Style Notes: Ahh, joggers—they got us through the last 18 months, so it’s downright rude to turn our backs on them. Follow Ellie’s lead and try wearing yours with heels and a sharp blazer. You might be surprised at how good it looks. 

Style Notes: Are you even a fashion person if you don’t own a pair of linen trousers this season? An influencer favourite, we adore Jessica’s tonal ensemble. 

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