The Best Coats, Boots, Bags, and Knits to Buy in the Sales

The Best Coats, Boots, Bags, and Knits to Buy in the Sales

We’ve talked at length about what makes a solid sale-season purchase and what kind of clever tactics one should implement in the effort to avoid buying wardrobe duds, but if there’s just one super-quick pearl of shopping wisdom I would impart time and again, it’s that if you can purchase quality classics at a lower price, you won’t go wrong.

And there’s no other time of the year when quality classics are so abundant and so important to our everyday closets. Where you may feel that a flirty summer dress or piece of swimwear doesn’t have to break the bank, a decent coat, knit, pair of boots, or handbag will last you year after year after year. So you want versions that are sturdy, well made, timeless in design, and simple enough to work in various outfit iterations with your existing offering. 

The Christmas sales have already begun (I know–I’ve barely bought, let alone wrapped, all of the presents for family), so it seems like a good moment to hit the reset button. Rather than being lured in by a motif sweatshirt you’ve seen all over Instagram or that sparkly rainbow skirt that is joyful but is also a one-trick pony, let me guide you through the discounted period with some sensible pieces you’ll still feel thrilled to own. Here are the luxury buys on sale right now that I’d recommend…

What to look out for: Classic shapes like totes, shoulder bags, and crossbody styles are all sensible sales purchases. Avoid patterns and OTT detailing, opting for plain leather, suede, or fabric in a colour that suits the majority of your wardrobe. This is a good time to invest in a heritage bag—they’ve stayed around this long for a reason!

What to look out for: There are a few classic coat trends that endure the shifting sands of time. Leopard, military, mannish crombie, camel, and checked are all safe bets. A chic double- or single-breasted style that fits you perfectly will never ever let you down.

What to look out for: Chunky boots aren’t going anywhere, and they’ll always be welcome when temperatures dip during future winters. Black ankle boots, tan knee-high boots, and anything with an easy heel will provide mileage.

What to look out for: Neutral-colour knits like cream, grey, navy, brown, khaki, and black are all solid investments. Avoid anything too fussy or decorative, but intricate detailing like ribbed finishes, twisted cable knits, voluminous sleeves, and waist ties are all subtle enough to look good in the future. 

What to look out for: Pared-back gold and silver pieces—like a chain necklace or simple chunky band ring—are the kind you’ll wear forever and make for excellent day jewellery.

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