The One Place I Go To Find Vintage Designer Accessories

The One Place I Go To Find Vintage Designer Accessories

As a vintage-lover it has been such a pleasure to watch the rise-and-rise of online secondhand shopping this year. Where previously it was regarded as a niche pastime that required a great amount of time, travel and trawling, the digital marketplace has provided pre-loved fashion a platform from which to reach new audiences. Open For Vintage is one such example of a brand that is leading the charge in making vintage fashion accessible to the world.

Connecting customers with the world’s independent boutiques, Open for Vintage brings all of the joys of vintage shopping to your doorstep with just the click of a button. In a world of copycat Insta trends, we’re all in search of unique style, and in my experience secondhand clothing is the easiest way to inject personality into your wardrobe. Not only this, but you also know that you’re helping to ‘close the loop’ of the fashion cycle through buying pre-loved pieces.

In a year where small businesses have struggled, Christmas is the perfect time to make the most of platforms that support independent retailers. So, whether you’re eyeing a Chanel bag for a cheeky well-done-me-for-getting-through-2020 treat (the dream), or looking for something unique to buy ‘the sister that has everything’, you know that Open For Vintage will deliver. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve done the hard work for you and picked out 20 highlights available to buy on Open For Vintage right now. But there’s only one of each, so don’t delay. Happy scrolling! 

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