The Trousers That Look Smart But Feel Just Like Trackies

The Trousers That Look Smart But Feel Just Like Trackies

It’s fair to say that the novelty of leggings has officially worn off—or perhaps for you it wore off one week into lockdown. Of course, we are strong proponents of the “if it makes you feel good, then wear it” approach to dressing, so if the thought of your Lululemons is the only thing that gets you out of pyjamas in the morning, then all power to you. However, if you’re craving a bit of a style shake-up without compromising on comfort, then I have the perfect solution.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to apply tough love and drag you kicking and screaming into your corporate suit and heels in order to feel work-ready. Rather, I’ve come across the perfect amalgamation that combines polish with and comfort. Introducing tailored joggers.

On me: Arket Elastic Waist Wool Trousers (£79)

This hybrid isn’t exactly new on the scene, yet it feels like the ideal compromise for our current WFH wardrobes. Most importantly, like classic joggers, it features an elastic waistband—a small yet significant detail that is far more appealing than any high-waisted jeans or restricted button fastening. However, the point of difference is the fabric and the silhouette. Countless brands have delivered stretchy-waist trousers in smart fabrics such as wool-blend, silk, herringbone and crêpe, transforming this loungewear go-to into a polished staple.

The chicest styles come with a wide-leg fit that is tailored at the waist and tapers out at the thigh. It offers a beautiful slouch that will complement everything from tank tops and white shirts to chunky sandals and sneakers. In other words, these trousers will work hard now but also slot into our post-lockdown lives with ease. A box-ticking trend if we ever saw one. Scroll down to shop my edit.

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