Whenever Someone Asks Me What Perfume I’m Wearing, It’s Always This Brand

Whenever Someone Asks Me What Perfume I'm Wearing, It's Always This Brand

Out of all of the beauty categories, I think perfume brings me the most joy. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a confidence boost that comes with a new manicure or a blowout, but, if I’m after a “treat-yourself” investment purchase, I make a beeline for the perfume counters in any beauty hall. A scent has the power to influence your mood (read: feel-good scents) tap into a certain vibe (expensive smelling perfumes? Yes please) or to match a season or special occasion. It’s honestly my favourite beauty item to buy. Scent is also tied so much into our memory, too, which can transport us to a place or time we treasure. And of course, on a more superficial level, we all like our scent to be noticed and complimented, am I right?

However, there are times when we want our fragrance to whisper rather than shout. For instance, there are fragrances in my collection that I adore, but their strong projection put me off wearing them for work for the fear of overwhelming poor Susan from accounts in the lift. Alternatively, there are more lighter fragrances I own that I wish were more long-lasting. That’s why when I recently discovered the American fragrance brand, Commodity, my interest was piqued by its unique concept: Scent spaces. 

Commodity offers each of its scents in three different intensities; Personal, Expressive and Bold. As Personal suggests, this can only be smelt by you and someone very close by, Expressive can be smelt by those near to you, while Bold fills a room with your scent, with compliments aplenty. You might be thinking; erm, isn’t this is just a marketing spin of eau de toilette, eau de parfum and parfum? However, I was surprised to find that this isn’t the case. These perfume concentrations we’ve come to know are purely fragrance intensities, rather than how far your fragrance projects in the space around you. For example, if you love a skin scent, but don’t like that they disappear quickly, then you can opt for the Bold intensity for something more long-lasting. As the brand cleverly sums up: “Just because someone wants a close projection doesn’t mean they’re willing to sacrifice scent longevity.” Equally, you might love those heavier notes, but only want to smell it yourself.

Commodity’s Exploration Kit contains the three intensities of each scent, with tips on how to choose the perfect fragrance for you.

Rather than dialling up the intensity of each scent like a brand might for an eau de toilette to an eau de parfum, the brand instead tweaks some of the notes in the Personal, Expressive and Bold versions, adding or removing them to fine-tune how far the fragrance projects from the wearer. As such, each of the scents has its common notes between the intensities, but you get something a little bit different from each. Think of them as sisters, with each having a having more introverted or extroverted qualities. Personal keeps herself to herself, Expressive is a tad more courageous, whereas Bold is the extrovert of the three.

As a fragrance geek, I couldn’t wait to compare the fragrances and different scent spaces. So, I put the brand’s Exploration Set to the test, which contains 18 spray samples of every Scent Space fragrance in Book, Milk, Gold, Paper, Velvet and Moss. Read below more my honest Commodity perfumes review and scent spaces.

Scent Space: Personal. Key Notes: Bergamot, black tea, cedarwood, skin musk, amyris, sandalwood. This scent is so fresh yet warm and woody at the same time. If you love those creamy and woody sandalwood scents, then you’ll love this one.

Scent Space: Expressive. Key Notes: Eucalyptus, bergamot, violet, sandalwood, cedarwood, amyris, musk, amber, vetiver. The expressive version conjures up sitting next to a roaring fire with a tantalising murder mystery. Thanks to the addition of amber, vetiver and eucalyptus, this one is more noticeable and moodier.

Scent Space: Bold. Key Notes: Eucalyptus, violet, sandalwood, cedarwood, velvet musk, smoke. This smokey rendition makes you feel like you’ve stepped into an old yet beautiful library. It’s more smokey and heady but still has the sweetness of old leather-bound books weaved in. This one smells super mysterious. 

Scent Space: Personal. Key Notes: Skin musk, cashmere woods, amber, marshmallow, mahogany wood, white cedar. Out of all the scents, this might be my favourite scent family. If you like sweet scents that aren’t overpowering, then you’ll adore Milk. The personal scent space is creamy, musky and a little bit sweet without giving you a sugar rush.

Scent Space: Expressive. Key Notes: Cold milk accord, skin musk, warm marshmallow, mahogany wood, tonka bean. This is the first Commodity scent I tried and I think it still remains my favourite. Tonka bean is one of my favourite perfume notes, which adds depth and creaminess. This one has already gotten me a few compliments.

Scent Space: Bold. Key Notes: Cashmere woods, skin musk, tonka bean, marshmallow, amber, firewood accord. This smokier version makes me feel like I’m toasting marsmallows over a campfire, thanks to the addition of firewood and glowing amber and a smokiness that unfurls on the skin.

Scent Space: Personal. Key Notes: Iso E Super, vanilla, amber, sandalwood. It’s a bit weird to say a fragrance smells like gold itself, but this one really captures the feeling of wearing a crisp white shirt with delicate gold earrings. It’s radiant, a little bit metallic yet stays close to the skin (that will be the Iso E Super, an ingredient that makes anyone’s skin smell like their own, but better). Vanilla and amber give it a sparkling glow, which is really pretty.

Scent Space: Expressive. Key Notes: Juniper berries, creamy musk, vanilla, amber, sandalwood, benzoin. Sweeter than the personal counterpart, this one captures the more molten glow of gold with sweet resin benzoin and addictive creamy musk.

Scent Space: Bold. Key notes: Saffron, oakmoss, vanilla, patchouli, nutmeg. The Bold version is unapologetically sweet, with indulgent spices like saffron and nutmeg thrown into the mix. If the personal scent is dainty gold jewellery, this one is a gold lamé dress that is born to make you stand out.

Scent Space: Personal. Key notes: Iso Super E, skin musk, amber. The simplicity of this scent is what makes it so beautiful. It captures the scent of paper so well; it’s both clean, fresh yet slightly woody and musky, and stays very close to the skin.

Scent Space: Expressive. Key notes: Iso Super E, cedarwood, sandalwood. The base notes of cedar wood and sandalwood and a fresh yet dry woody depth to the Expressive scent, which makes it grounding and intriguing. If you love woody scents, this is a must.

Scent Space: Bold. Key notes: Iso Super E, vetiver, cedarwood, sandalwood. Wow—Bold makes you feel like you’ve stepped foot rinto the woods, with a trail of clean, green vetiver which compliments the woody notes so well. Think the earth undergrowth of a woodland after rainfall, glistening with freshness of dew drops.

Scent Space: Personal. Key notes: Clove bud, vanilla flowers, rose petals, skin musk. Think an immaculately tailored velvet suit worn over bare skin, a smoky bar and a dash of rose, and you have Velvet. It’s so smooth and seductive, but this variation doesn’t shout—only those nearby get the joy of smelling this.

Scent Space: Expressive. Key notes: White birch, coconut water, vanilla, amber, rose petals, roasted almonds. A tad more gourmand, the praline almond and coconut notes really come across in expressive, but the dark rose and amber notes keep it feeling mysterious and luminous.

Scent Space: Bold. Key notes: Crisp amber, saffron, roasted almonds, labdanum, patchouli, smoke. Bold is the velvet chaise lounge, cigarettes and pressed rose petals, with an addictive hit of sweet labdanum and earthy patchouli. It smells like an expensive members club, and you’re invited.

Scent Space: Personal. Key notes: Bergamot, Iso E Super, skin musk, petigrain. Green, earthy and fresh are three words I’d use to describe this one. It’s like throwing open the windows of a log cabin in the middle of the woods and letting a spring breeze in.

Scent Space: Expressive. Key notes: Grapefruit, bergamot, petitgrain, orange blossom, cedarwood, oak moss. A bit deeper than the personal scent, this one dials up the green and woody notes that transport you right into the heart of the forest, surrounded by woodland.

Scent Space: Bold. Key notes: Bergamot, juniper berry, violet, elemi,amber, patchouli, oakmoss. Bitter juniper berry and patchouli give this a rich earthiness that’s almost a little bit boozy. Think the most luxurious gin and tonic, and you have the bold version of moss.

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