4 Simple Tricks to Elevate Your At-Home Attire

4 Simple Tricks to Elevate Your At-Home Attire

With many of us currently spending a lot more time at home than we usually would, it can be all too easy to fall into the habit of not fully getting dressed in the morning. From living in leggings to avoiding real footwear, home life usually revolves around simply wearing whatever is the most comfortable. I for one, accidentally left the house to go to the supermarket in my slippers, so that gives you an indication as to how comfortable I am right now.

However, just because you might be spending time at home doesn’t mean you should stop putting on the outfits that make you feel your best. Whether you choose to add a bold colourful jumper to your legging look or style your favourite hair accessory with your trackies, often, simple additions can work to elevate not only your look but also impact how you feel too.

In our very connected world, inspiration is everywhere and with everyone from celebrities to influencers and editors posting their at-home looks, it is suffice to say that just about anything goes. Essentially, your at-home attire should be an outfit that makes you feel good, whether that’s your gym kit or a pretty dress.

Keep scrolling for four tips to elevate your at-home attire.

Style Notes: Now, I’m not exactly saying you should wear a floor-length gown around your living room (though Monikh does look incredibly chic), but throwing on one of your tried-and-tested favourites items is an instant way to make you feel better. I know I feel a little brighter each time I put on the orange cable-knit jumper that once belonged to my mum, and whether I’m wearing it with gym gear or over a slip skirt, it’s an item that can instantly improve my mood.

Style Notes: Here at Who What Wear, we recently investigated whether wearing bright colour can alter your mood and while many of us own grey, black and navy loungewear, adding a vibrant jumper or a bright pair of joggers to your rotation will be a welcome change. 

Style Notes: I’ll admit that I have spent significantly less time doing my hair this week than I ordinarily would. While I may not be going out, a huge factor for me in feeling put together is making sure my hair is done. Moving forward, I’m planning to add a fun hair accessory to my look (be it clip, scrunchie or headband) to make sure I feel polished even at home. 

Style Notes: Sometimes, the most simple things can make you feel more put together, whether it be painting your nails, doing your hair or adding a bold lip to your look. These small adjustments don’t take long, but can make you feel polished and elevated no matter what you’re wearing. 

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