I’m Calling It—M&S’s Camel Coat Is the Chicest of the Season

I'm Calling It—M&S's Camel Coat Is the Chicest of the Season

When it comes to fashion, there are two things I find impossible to resist: coats and neutral colours. Can you already see where this is going? I’m Scottish and therefore cold 99.9% of the time. As such, a  significant part of my wardrobe is devoted to outerwear, and I’m always open to investing in a new piece should something truly special come my way. Today, that’s exactly what happened. 

In the midst of my morning IG scroll, I saw it—the perfect camel coat. With its wide lapels, sash belt, maxi hemline and what looked to be a cashmere finish, I had to assume it was designer; the way in which influencer and Who What Wear UK columnist Jessica Skye had styled it certainly made me think as much. It was only when I tapped to see which brand she’d tagged that I realised it was actually from the high street. Specifically, Marks & Spencer

On Jessica Skye:Marks & Spencer Autograph Wool Rich Belted Wrap Coat with Cashmere (£179)

Marks & Spencer always delivers a chic coat selection when autumn rolls around, but I have a feeling that this season, it’s going to be stronger than ever. And this Marks & Spencer camel coat is the reason I’m hedging my bets. Instinctively I found myself on the M&S website frantically searching for it, a knot in my stomach starting to form as I came to terms with the fact that it may be sold out. Thankfully, it wasn’t—it’s still fully stocked!—and I added it straight to my basket. 

On Jessica Skye:Marks & Spencer Autograph Wool Rich Belted Wrap Coat with Cashmere (£179)

It’s made from a premium cashmere and wool blend, which explains why this style looks more expensive than any other camel coat I’ve seen on the high street this year. Maxi coats always look so high-end, too, which only adds to the coat’s overall elevated feel. It’s also lined, which doesn’t always come as standard when you consider other high-street brands. And although it’s more expensive when compared to some other M&S coat styles that have also landed online recently, for the high-quality fabrics, a clear focus on cut and the fact it comes with guarantee of never dating, I reckon this is as smart a coat investment as you could make for the winter ahead. 

I have a hunch this is going to sell out fast, especially with the hype it’s already generating on social. So, scroll on to shop this Marks & Spencer camel coat (its best ever, in my opinion), and also to browse more great M&S coat and jacket options. 

This will live in your wardrobe forever. It’s that good. 

You’ll never regret buying a black coat. 

This aviator jacket forms part of the brand’s Sienna Miller edit. 

This classic trench coat may have also worked its way into my basket… 

Ideal if you prefer your outerwear on the shorter side. 

M&S is really focusing on perfecting its leather this season. 

This also comes in black (and it’s waterproof!). 

Tick off two enduring coat trends in one with a faux-leather trench. 

Another excellent camel coat.

A cool alternative to beige.  

So cosy!

Even though it’s a blazer, this woollen style will prevail in keeping you warm this season. 

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